Making Money From Your Hobby: An Online Marketing Guide

Taking your hobby online can be a great way to earn some extra money.

Many of us are intimidated at the aspect of trying to market our product or service online. How do you even get started?

On the next page you’ll find a very effective, yet relatively simple, set of steps you can follow to become well known in a hurry.

This is a great start to let the world know that you exist online. Once you get started, you’ll be surprised at how much and how quickly you’ll learn.

Marketing online successfully only requires a little knowledge and some time. Get started today and you’ll quickly see the money rolling in.

Making Money From Your Hobby

Making Money From Your Hobby – Get A Website

  • First You will need Web Hosting : approximately $9/month. Search Online
  • You can get someone to set up a simple website for you for around $500.
  • Or you can do it for free. Set up a professional-looking website quickly and easily: Tutorials are available; anyone can do it.

Write Articles

  • Write articles about topics related to your hobby and submit them for free to numerous article directories. A few include,,
  • In your article( or in the author’s resource box) include links to your website.

Create Facebook Page

  • Nothing could be easier. Take a look at what other people have done and you will get some good ideas.

Open a Twitter Account

  • Get as many people to follow you as you can. The easiest way to do this? Follow other people, and most of those people will follow you back.
  • Then send out a few tweets a week with some useful information and a link back to your website.

Post comments On Forums

  • When you post a comment on a forum related to your hobby/business, include a link to your website. If you make worthwhile posts, people will follow your link.

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