Blogging has become a trend these days but do you think blogging is just a hobby for many and nothing else? It actually isn’t. Blogging has indeed become a profitable online profession with some people making five to six figures income with just bogging.

So, for people who’re still wondering how to earn money online, blogging is one of the ways. But soon after you decide to set up your blog, a series of questions like, ‘how to start a blog for free?’, ‘how to make money by blogging?’ etc pop up in your mind. So here’s a mega guide on how to make money from blogging.


Now that you know blogging is one of the popular ways to earn money online, the very first step a nascent blogger needs to know is how to start a blog for free. There are websites like wordPress and blogger that offer you a platform to set up your own blog without zero investment. Here’s how to start a blog for free and make money.

Step 1: Create your own blog for free

Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger allow you to create your own blog or website for blogging absolutely free of cost. Once you go on their official website, you get the option of creating your own blog. Thereafter, your blog gets created with one click of a mouse. You’ll be asked to register or login in using your email address either before creating the blog or afterward depending on the platform you’ve chosen to start your blog. Moreover, once you’ve set-up your blog, you’ll get an option of giving it a name so think of a unique yet creative name for the blog in advance.

Step 2: Select a domain name

The next crucial step after creating a blog is to select your own domain name or url. Now, this domain name must be something catchy and should complement your blog. A major drawback for creating a free blog on WordPress or Blogger is that the domain name contains something like ‘’ or ‘’ towards the end. So, if you want an independent or personal domain name for your blog ending with ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ then you need to chip in some money and buy that domain name.

However, if you wish to start a blog for free then go for domain names offered free of cost. Further, you are free to change your domain name whenever you want. Hence, once you start making money from blogging, you can invest in the domain name of your choice.

Step 3: Customize your blog

So once your blog is created, and given a name as well as a domain name, you can access it. Initially, it’ll look a bit unattractive and plain but you can decorate it and make it appealing using the features of the website. So, the next step is to customize your blog by selecting a theme and a plan from a wide range of options available on the website. Now amongst the various themes and plans, some are free and some are not. Ensure that the theme and plan you select are available for free and that they match the niche you’ll be blogging on.

Step 4: Start Posting

So, this how you start your blog for free. Your blog is completely ready now and you’re good to go. You haven’t invested a penny and you already have a blog of your own. Now you can start building up your blog by selecting a niche and creating new and interesting posts. Try to stand out from the regular bloggers and build a brand of your own. Allow your passion to convert into a full-time job. Post quality and unique yet engaging content to drive traffic to your blog.


After knowing that blogging is a profitable online profession, you might think what are the ways of making money from blogging? So, there are plenty of fastest ways of making money from blogging:

1. Google AdSense

Adsense is a google service program that allows you to publish ads on your blog posts. It is one of the most common and fastest ways to make money from blogging. Register yourself on, get your blog approved by them and start posting ads on your blogs. The more ads you include in your blog post the more money you’ll make. So every time a blog reader clicks on those ads, you make money. Moreover, Google Adsense shows ads based on the content of your blog posts which your potential readers will be interested in watching. Therefore, including ads in your blog posts is the best way to earn steady and recurring income from blogging.

2. Promoting an affiliate product

Promoting affiliate products is the best way to monetize your blog. If used efficiently, it can fetch somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000 annually. There are different affiliate programs like that of Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc which offer a variety of products or services. You can choose them and promote them on your blog. Selecting the most appropriate affiliate product or service is extremely important. This choice mostly depend on factors like the niche you’re blogging about, the average age group or gender of your readers, the interests of your target audience, etc.

To earn money online, join an affiliate program of your choice. Thereafter, select the desired product or service and promote it on your blog by adding the affiliate links. It helps you earn commission every time a reader buys a product or service using the affiliate links in your blog post.

3. Selling merchandise

Selling merchandise through blogs is one of the best ways to earn money online. Create your own products or collaborate with brands and companies. Start blogging about the selected merchandise and increase your bank balance. Think out of the box and select merchandise that is not only distinct but also demanding. Some of the merchandise you can sell are garments, health drinks, handmade crafts and goodies, etc. Furthermore, digital products like online courses, e-books, software, templates, themes, etc are some options to choose from 

4. Selling ad space

Selling ad space to potential buyers is yet another strategy of making money by blogging. Selling ad space is a smarter way to monetize your blog than just randomly filling up your blog with ads. This technique is more efficient and lucrative as it eliminates the requirement of a middleman unlike in Google AdSense wherein the advertising revenue is divided. However, there are certain criteria for selling ad space on your blog like content quality, the amount of traffic your blog generates, the look and feel of your website, etc.

To sell ad space, you need to manually and virtually approach various advertisers who wish to promote their product or service on your blog. Thereafter, wisely select brands or advertisers you want to work with. Prefer those advertisers who offer products or services that your target audience may be interested in to boost sales. Negotiate your costs and offer your ad space to them. This is how you make money with your blog online.

5. Sponsoring social content

Another tool for making money by blogging is by sponsoring content. Sponsored blog posts are highly lucrative and can chip in $25,000 to $30,000 per year. Nonetheless, for a brand or company to approach you for creating sponsored blog posts will require some patience. You need to work hard on building your blog and spiking traffic on your blog posts in order to attract potential brands.

Further, as a beginner, you can also put across offers to various companies. However, once you collaborate with a specific brand related to your blog’s niche, the money will keep flowing in. If companies are huge then the income will naturally boost. Ensure you select reputed brands to maintain the authenticity and reputation of your blog. 

6. Content enhancement on WordPress

WordPress has various features that enable you to customize and make your blog more interesting and appealing for free. You can also buy inexpensive and affordable features that WordPress offers. To generate traffic on your website, you need to prioritize the needs of your audience and create high-quality posts very often. Efficient research in selecting your niche is a must. Travel, pets, fashion, motivation, lifestyle, etc are some of the popular niches in blogging. Further, using SEO techniques,experimenting with ideas, including engaging images, videos and themes in blog posts add to its value. 

7. Sponsored Review

Writing sponsored reviews in your blog post is another way to earn from blogging. Select products or services complementing your blog niche, offer to write reviews for them and earn money by blogging. Even when you’re paid well, make sure the reviews are genuine and not biased at all. Being honest in your reviews will increase traffic and help make more money with your blog.

8. Campaigning for brands

Established bloggers have great potential for linking the brands with their customers. Running campaigns for reliable brands is a lucrative strategy for earning money from blogging. You are free to tie up with companies, negotiate the price and promoting their product or service. Campaigning will include conducting webinars, writing product reviews, posting ads and inserting affiliate links in the blog posts. A full-fledged brand campaign on your blog can fetch you from $80,000 to over $100,000.

These are the fastest ways to make money from blogging. You can go for any one of these strategies or choose a combination them depending on your blog niche and of the lucrative opportunities you come across. Try to incorporate a majority of them for better experience of your audience and to make money from blogging.


If you are wondering how to create a blog for free on Google and earn money, ‘Blogger’ is designed for you. Blogger is a website run by Google that enables you to set up your own blog for free. Blogger is a handy, cost-free and online content management system for budding bloggers. You only need a laptop or a phone, a stable internet connection and a Google account to create a blog for free on Google and earn money.  

So if you aspire to make a career in blogging, Blogger is a reliable and user-friendly platform. Unlike WordPress, Blogger offers a wide range of themes and features which ensures that its users can customize their blogs and earn money from blogging blog.


This is a common question that haunts beginners in blogging. Yes, you can make money from free WordPress. WordPress is used by numerous bloggers to earn money online. Operating a free blog on WordPress does not mean you will not be able to make money from blogging on this platform. You can run ads and include affiliate product links in your free WordPress blog.  

However, there are certain limitations of using free version of WordPress for blogging. One is of the domain name which is already discussed above. Other drawbacks include limited space for videos, graphics, images and limited plugin features which may negatively influence the quality of your blog post. Writing sponsored content, a high-yielding stream of income from blogging is allowed on free WordPress but partially. The majority of your blog posts WordPress must be independent of any sponsorship.

Despite these limitations, WordPress is a preferable website for 100% free blogging and still making money. As a beginner, you can definitely start off with their free version. Further, when your blog has enough traffic and money starts coming in, you are free to invest and customize your blog to earn more money from blogging.


Hoping now you have the answer on how to make money with your blog. Since blogging is turning out from just a hobby to all-time job work, it’s the right time for you to get started. Follow our mega guide to make money from blogging and start earning from blogging blog.

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