Vlogging is all about capturing your life experiences on the camera and showcasing it to the world. Vlogging has recently become a popular recreational activity for many. But do you know that vlogging has emerged as a lucrative career option too? You might be surprised to know that many successful vloggers earn millions of dollars every year. So do you want to be one of those vloggers?

Stay tuned as here we’ll discuss answers to all your questions related to vlogging. From how does vlogging work to how to start a successful vlog to how do voggers make money and many more. So let’s begin!


Let’s start from scratch and understand what is vlogging and how does it really work. The term ‘Vlog’ originates from the term ‘blog’. Vlog basically stands for video blog. It is actually a blog in which the entire content is in video format.

In a vlog, you as a content creator record video of yourself talking on a particular topic, or about yourself, visiting places, reviewing a product you use, reporting an event, or doing random stuff. These videos are then uploaded on the internet for the audience to watch and enjoy. Just like blogging, vlogging is also a lucrative career option.


Before you begin your vlogging journey, it is great if you’re aware of the various types of vlogs. Knowing the types of vlogs will open up different options in terms of the niche you wish to vlog about. So, the main types of vlogs are as follows:

1. Informational –

Many people make such vlogs where they spread awareness on various issues or just inform people about different things. Educational and finance vlogs fall under this category. So the vlogs that you see on YouTube in which vloggers discuss and talk about various topics are informational vlogs. They mostly sit before a camera and explain a concept or a topic.

2. Lifestyle –

Lifestyle vlogs are pretty popular on YouTube. It primarily involves shooting videos about one’s life and sharing them with your audience. Many celebrities shoot lifestyle vlogs because their fans are interested in knowing about their lives. So, people who often have something interesting going on in their lives must try making lifestyle

vlogs. Mostly lifestyle vlogs are impromptu but they are made entertaining using editing techniques.

3. Travel vlogs

Travel vlogs are suitable for people who love traveling. They are real-life vlogs shot at different locations wherever the video blogger travels to. Travel vlogs generate high traffic because people experience traveling through the vlogger’s lens. Travel vlogs require some investments because unless you travel to multiple places, you can’t deliver content to your target audience. However, the best part is travel vloggers live their dreams and make money too.

4. Demonstrative vlogs –

These vlogs essentially involve demonstrating people to how to do something or use a particular product or service. It includes unboxing videos, tech, beauty, skincare, and fitness vlogs. Demonstrative vlogs have tremendous scope of revenue generation because they are mostly promotional and help in driving the sale of different products or services.

5. Comical vlogs –

Comical vlogs are for entertainment purposes. They are mostly scripted. It is ideal for vloggers to have a good sense of humor to make comical vlogs. Generally, if the content quality is good, comical vlogs attract huge traffic. The competition in this category of vlog is high though. 

6. Review vlogs –

Review vlogs are also very popular these days. It includes reviewing products, food joints, books, novels, movies, TV or web shows, trailers, etc. Review vlogs unlike informational vlogs are opinion-based rather than fact-based. Moreover, review vlogs help us get to know the opinion of the vlogger and influences our decisions as well.


The best thing about vlogging is you just require a phone and a stable internet connection to start with. But the real question that you might have is how to start vlogging with a phone? So to start a successful vlog with a phone, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Get a good mobile phone

The very first step is to purchase a suitable mobile phone for vlogging. The phone must be equipped with a superior quality camera. The main role of a phone in a vlog is to shoot and edit videos. Thus, a phone having a high-resolution camera and good editing features will be the best suited to shoot vlogs. 

2. Decide the niche to blog about

It is essential to think of a niche or some creative and unique content ideas to vlog about. However, vlogging can be about any random thing as far as it is interesting and keeps your audience engaged. Figure out your area of interest and the types of vlogs that are trending on YouTube. Without an interest in the niche, you cannot deliver good content. Hence, ensure that your interests align with the vlogging niche you select.

3. Prepare an interesting script

Preparation of a script is essential for beginners as well as experienced vloggers. Before you begin making the vog, create a script of your content. A script will help you stick to the topic at hand and prevent you from digressing. Now preparing a script doesn’t mean you need to by-heart it and blabber while shooting. The key trick here is to understand the crux of your vlog and prepare a flow of thoughts. The vlog must look natural and genuine to the audience. Merely reading the script or memorizing it won’t help.

4. Practice

Beginners must practice a lot before shooting their vlogs. Knowing how to connect with your audience by talking to the camera is a skill. Not everyone is blessed to possess it by birth. Therefore, to become a successful vlogger, one has to develop and hone this skill. Practice speaking in front of the camera multiple times and you’ll gradually develop that confidence and skill.  

5. Place the camera and other equipment well –

When you’re prepared to shoot the vlog, decide on an appropriate and quiet location to shoot. Ensure that enough light falls on your face because that’ll impact your video quality. There’re no issues if you shoot outdoors in daylight. However, while shooting indoors you might need a lamp for sufficient lighting. Alternatively, you can sit in front of a window while recording videos indoors.

Further, place your phone horizontally at the correct angle. If required, purchase a tripod to fix the phone in it. This will make sure the vlog isn’t shaky because that distracts your audience and they might end up stopping it midway. Even while shooting the video using the front camera, fix the camera somewhere or use a selfie stick to secure a stabilized recording. Remember, the lens must be crystal clean to boost the video quality and to avoid blurry or trembling videos.

Furthermore, video bloggers need to speak clearly and loudly. Mobile phones are capable to record decent audio but it might be unclear and distorted at times. Therefore, to avoid these hiccups in shooting, get a collar or Bluetooth microphone. These are affordable and easily available online. You have to speak directly into the microphone to ensure the best audio clarity and quality.

6. Edit the vlog –

After you’re done shooting the vlog, editing it is the next task. A video editing app holds the potential to convert an amateurish vlog into a professional one. Multiple apps are handy and easily available free of cost online. They help you add music, titles, stickers, credits, logos, sounds, and much more. Use them to make your vlogs creative and give them a professional touch.

7. Upload and promote the vlog

Select the platform where you wish to upload your vlog. Yes, YouTube is one of the platforms but there are other options too. Many websites and social media sites have the option of uploading vlogs. Nonetheless, YouTube is the most popular and profitable one. Upload your vlog and promote it strategically to increase traffic. This how you start a successful vlog with a phone.


For people still wondering how to make money on YouTube, own a vlogging channel. Here are the major ways how vloggers make money:

1. Promote an affiliate product or service

The promotion of affiliate products is a major source of revenue for all video bloggers. The various affiliate programs like Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc offer a variety of products or services for marketing purposes. Vloggers join their affiliate program, select the product or service associated with their vlog niche and promote them. They mostly earn a percentage as commission every time they contribute to the sale of a product or service.

2. Google AdSense

For vloggers thinking about how to make money on YouTube, AdSense is a popular stream of income. It is one of the most common ways to earn money as it allows vloggers to publish ads on their vlogs. Vloggers have to register themselves on adsense.com, get their vlogs approved, and then ads start popping up on their vlogs. So every time a viewer clicks on those ads, vloggers make money.

3. Selling merchandise or products

Another way to earn money as a vlogger is to sell merchandise or products. Many vloggers create their own products and promote them to generate income. Some popular merchandise that you can sell as a vlogger are slogan t-shirts, handmade crafts, and goodies, etc. Further, selling digital products like e-books, online courses, webinars, etc are also good options. 

4. Sponsoring content

Many vloggers create sponsored content to make money. Sponsored videos are highly lucrative. Companies pay a huge sum to vloggers for promoting their products or services in vlogs. However, a crucial tip here is to promote products or services that align with your vlog niche and the needs of your target audience. Further, allow only reputed brands to sponsor your videos. It helps to maintain the credibility of your vlog.


Recently Forbes estimated $5 as the YouTuber’s income per 1,000 views. Similarly, vloggers owning a vlog channel on YouTube can make approximately $5,000 for every 1 million views on their vlogs. But how much does a successful vlogger make? It is a cakewalk for successful vloggers to earn a six-figure income. Their major sources of revenue are advertisements and promotional vlogs. Other passive income streams are through Merchandise and Google AdSense. According to Forbes, highly successful vloggers on YouTube make somewhere between $10 to $20 million every year.


Some of the key vlogging tips for beginners are:

1. Select a popular niche – Making vlogs on a high demanding niche will bring success sooner. Creating content on a popular niche is sure to be consumed by a wider audience.

 2. Content is the king -Never compromise with the content of your vlogs and fill your pockets with cash as a video blogger. It is the content that matters the most in increasing traffic and generating revenue.

3. Record stable and clear vlogs – It is vital to shoot vlogs that have stability and clarity. Besides your content, people also like watching undisturbed and high-quality vlogs. Hence, use all the shooting equipment wisely.

4. Edit well – Always use proper editing software. Ensure you edit well and make your vlogs more interesting and appealing.

5. Promote your vlogs – If your vlog content is worth watching then people will definitely love it. But for you to drive traffic will require effective promotion. Promote your vlogs strategically on various social media platforms, through ads, word mouth, and every means possible.  

Follow these tips to start a successful vlog!


Recent stats show more than 80% of the people on the internet today are interested in watching a video than reading a blog. Vlogging is indeed a lucrative career option for youngsters who’re fond of making videos. There are several pros of owning a vlogging channel including reaching out to a large audience, connecting directly with your audience, uploading content as per your convenience, and earning a lot of money. There is tough competition out there but many talented vloggers with their smart and hard work have become successful and rich.

Overall, vlogging is an ideal platform for people who are interested in making money by creating videos for their audience. So follow our tips and get started!

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