The 15 Most Important SEO Tips For Your Passive Income Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website can be complicated, but you can still be very effective in ranking highly in the search engines if you stick to the basics and work them hard. Many budding webmasters spend too much time spinning their wheels. If you’re looking for passive income, use your time as effectively as possible.

Take advantage of these tips:

1. Avoid just optimizing your website

It’s important to optimize your off-site SEO, too. Do your best to ensure that your articles, blog posts, ads, and everything else you do to drive traffic to your site are optimized, too.

2. SEO results take time

Results can take weeks or months. Stay busy, but be patient.

3. Google will give you much of the advice you need

A lot of great advice can be found at

Important SEO Tips For Your Passive Income

4. Avoid copying content from other websites

Duplicate content might make your visitors happy, but the search engines aren’t impressed. Software that spins articles into multiple versions can be handy, but make sure you check the results.

5. Add some videos

This can be as simple as embedding a YouTube video. It doesn’t even need to be your video. Google owns YouTube so they like to see videos on your website.

6. Update your website from time to time

Keep your website current. Websites that are dormant tend to be downgraded over time. It doesn’t need to be a major job. Even 10 minutes a week can be sufficient.

7. Research Your Keywords

What are people actually searching for? How much competition exists for those words? Use keywords that potential customers would use in searching for products like yours.

8. Use Photos

The search engines like to see that you have photographs on your site.

9. Vary your anchor text

Avoid using the same keywords all the time.

10. Avoid keyword stuffing

Keep the keyword density down to around 2%. The search engines are counting.

11. Get quality backlinks

While quantity is important, the quality of your backlinks is very important. Seek out some backlinks from popular and authoritative sites in your industry.

12. Add some links to other quality web content

There’s nothing wrong with linking to another website. It’s actually a good idea.

13. Do something every day

It looks suspicious if you create 100 backlinks in a day, one day a week. Google is looking for natural growth. Create backlinks slowly over time. A few backlinks per day would be better.

14. Look at the competition

Look at the websites that are outranking you for your keywords. There are tools available that will analyze the SEO components of a website. You can develop your strategy from this information.

15. Realize the truth

The search engines are simply trying to rank websites highly that would be most valuable to those seeking information. Think about what makes a website about your topic great and do it.

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