Amazon Kindle is a universal platform for authors from all across the globe to get their works published. It helps them reach out to a worldwide audience. For people who are wondering where can I publish my book and earn money, you can resort to Kindle e-book.

Kindle has actually become a new avenue stream for all budding as well as established book writers. But how to go about it and start making money with Kindle e-books is an obvious question. So here’s a complete guide on how to make money by publishing your own book on kindle e-book.


As a beginner, an author often explores opportunities where can I publish my book and earn money. So, let me tell you, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is undoubtedly the most popular self-publishing global platform for e-book authors to sell their books. As we all know, Amazon is the topmost retailer of e-books worldwide and accounts for approximately 80% of e-books sales across the globe. So, you can actually make money by publishing your own e-book on Kindle e-book.

Furthermore, Amazon pays out a hefty royalty of 70% on the net income of authors for the sale of their books ranging from $2.99 to $9.99, and a 35% royalty on the gross income of authors for the sale of their books priced below and above this range. Amazon royalty rates are comparatively higher than most of the other competitive self-publishing sites. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to state that Kindle Direct Publishing provides a sustainable source of income to e-book authors.


Not all self-publishing authors on Amazon make a huge amount of money. If you love authoring books then Amazon Kindle can be your road to riches. However, with Kindle Direct Publishing growing popular, the competition amongst authors has become quite stiff. So although making money by publishing your own book on kindle e-book is difficult, you’ve to act smart and stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips and tricks to make money from kindle books:

1. Look for a lucrative niche or category for your book:

There is a variety of niches that you can choose and write books on but not all of them would be lucrative. So even if you think you’ve written an interesting book which will be loved by your readers, it’s not sure that you’ll end up selling enough copies. This is not the way to make money with Kindle books. You’ll have to take some effort and research to find out the niche or the categories of books that are high in demand. Do some keyword research and identify what people are looking for on kindle e-books, which books are selling the most, etc. Then, try to align your interest with those niches or categories and think of an interesting book idea.

2. Create a Valuable Content

Lots of books are published on Amazon Kindle e-books but not all of them reach out to a large span of the audience. Regardless of the fact that the book is based on a popular and lucrative niche, it might not be accepted by readers. So, to avoid such a situation, creating valuable content is important. Keep innovating your ideas and ensure that the work you put up has quality content.

Another way of creating valuable content is by hiring ghostwriters. So even if you’re not skilled in the art of authoring books you can hire experienced and talented writers. They’ll do the writing job for you and you’ll take up the task of publishing and marketing the book. Further, people indeed love spending money on things which are worth it. The same is the case with books. So always remember, readers are going to spend money buying your book only if they gain something fruitful out of it.

3. Create Compelling Title and Book Cover

The title and the book cover are the most crucial aspects of your book. Unless the book becomes popular and gathers good reviews, the readers will literally judge your book by its cover. Therefore, it is the title and the book cover that must appeal to the audience at first. At an initial stage, no one will buy your book if they do not find the title and book cover intriguing enough to read it. Moreover, it is the outward appearance of your book that creates a first impression on the audience. They decide whether to spend on a book by merely looking at it and reading the title.

It is extremely vital to think of an interesting and unique title for your book suiting its content. Furthermore, websites like freelancer and fiver provide you online services of getting a book cover designed at a minimal cost.   

4. Create a Kindle Direct Publishing Account and publish your book

Now that your e-book is ready, the book cover is designed and you’ve thought of a compelling book title, the majority of your work is done. It’s time to publish your book. But how do you publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing is the next question. So, do not worry. We’ll take you through the entire process of how to publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing.

To start with, you first have to set up a Kindle Direct Publishing account on and then upload your book on the same. For this, you’ve to open ‘Create a new title’ and click on ‘+kindle e-book’. Provide all information about your book including the language, title, subtitle, and description. Choose appropriate keywords and select categories under which your book will appear. The next step is to ascertain the price of your book. Check the Amazon royalty and pricing option and decide the cost of your book accordingly. Hit the ‘Publish your Kindle e-book’ tab to publish your book. The best thing about Amazon is that your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours. Furthermore, it gains you fame and an innumerable audience to buy your product.

4. Find ways to getting Good Reviews

The very next step after you self-publish your book on Kindle e-books is to get good reviews. After looking at the title and book cover, it is the reviews that many readers mostly rely on while deciding which book to read. The best way to gather reviews is to advertise the book amongst your family members, peers, colleagues, and on social media sites. Ask them to read the book and give positive feedback on the review tab of your book on Amazon Kindle e-books. Ensure that they download the book first and then write their reviews else it won’t be verified. This will help you gain decent ratings and eventually, your book will attract more traffic.

5. Find ways to promote your Book

Let’s be clear about the fact that lots of authors self-publish their books on Amazon Kindle but hardly people come to know about them. The simple reason behind this is that the books are not promoted well. Merely self-publishing a book on Amazon Kindle will not help you earn money. Promoting it is vital to reach out to a large audience. However, promoting or advertising a product is not an easy task and Amazon won’t do that for you. You yourself have to take the initiative and promote it in the market.  Here are some of the effective ways to promote your book.

At first, let’s discuss the measures to promote your book on Amazon itself. On Amazon, you first have to perform an ‘Amazon Search’ to figure out the right keyword search for ranking your product. The second way is ‘pay per click advertising’. It involves enabling Amazon to make your book appear on other people’s book listing by paying a certain amount of money. Some investment in effectively advertising your book is worth the monetary return you get from it. This strategy will boost sales and make your book reach out to a large audience.

Further, resorting to measures of promoting your book outside Amazon is necessary. If you wish to become a successful and sustainable Kindle author in the future then think of innovative advertising strategies. Advertise your book on all social media and other sites including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Signal. Reach out to your potential customers through quality Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. Implementing all these strategies will definitely increase your sales and eventually rank your book up in search engines.   


Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing is booming in recent times. It is the topmost publisher as well as retailer of books globally. Amazon has managed to capture the attention of an innumerable audience from every corner of the world. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing provides an opportunity to book authors to self-publish their books. Self-publishing on Amazon Kindle is lucrative. But how much do Kindle authors make by self-publishing books is a common question.

The answer to this depends on a variety of factors like the category of books an author writes on, the number of books he has self-published on Amazon Kindle, the popularity of his books, how much has his books been advertised, etc. Many self-published authors with quality content and adequate promotion have made an estimated income from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000 annually.


If your want to start a sustainable and profitable business online with minimal or zero investment then publishing books on Amazon is one of the best avenues for you. For people who are wondering how much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon, let me tell you, it’s free of cost. Amazon does not charge you any charges upfront for self-publishing e-books. Neither do you have to convince Amazon nor seek any approvals before self-publishing your e-book. However, it deducts from your earned royalty an amount equivalent to the delivery fee and printing cost of each copy of the e-book that is sold. So basically after a copy of your e-book is sold, Amazon deducts the printing and delivering costs from the price of the book and then pays you your 70% or 30 % cut.

Furthermore, some of you might be outsourcing your work to others such as ghostwriters for authoring a book or hiring services for book cover designing. In such a situation, you’ll have to spend few dollars as an initial investment. So if you’re not authoring books yourself and hiring ghostwriting services, you might have to spend somewhere between $ 300 and $ 500 depending upon the length, niche, and content of your book. Furthermore, it may cost you an amount between $ 20 and $ 50 for getting a professional book cover designed and few more dollars to get it formatted, proofread, and free of errors. Nonetheless, after a book is ready, publishing it on Amazon is completely free.


The royalty rates of Amazon as discussed above are the standard rates in the e-books market. The question of how much money can you make selling e-books on Amazon often haunts beginners. So on average, a self-published e-book, in reality, sells around 500 copies only which means it makes around $ 1000 in its lifetime. But it is not the case with all self-published e-books. It mostly depends on certain crucial factors like how valuable the content of your book is, the niche you’ve chosen, how well you’ve promoted your book, etc. Further, it is not that once you’ve self-published any book on Amazon Kindle, you’ve to stop authoring books. If you wish to make a living by self-publishing books, you have to persevere and put in efforts. Continue the chain of self-publishing books on Kindle Direct Publishing and keep generating revenue.

Are you ready to make money by publishing your own e-books on Kindle e-book?

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