Income Boost Blueprint Make Money Online Within A Week

Making money online is an attractive idea. Who hasn’t dreamt of having a website that makes hundreds of dollars a day?

While having such a website is certainly possible, it would be difficult to set it up and start making money right away. Many times, you need something faster, like a way to bring in some income right now.

To make money quickly online, you only have to know where to look and what types of services to offer. You can start putting money in your bank account today if you really try.

Make Money Online Within A Week

Consider these ideas to quickly start making money online:


1. Sell photos

Sites like iStockPhoto will let you upload your original photos, and you earn royalties every time someone buys the right to use your photos. You can save a lot of time by studying what’s currently selling well and getting your own related pictures on the website as soon as possible.

  • You’re not likely to make a ton with this endeavor, but you have the opportunity to earn money while you sleep, which is never a bad thing.

2. Write articles for websites

Websites are always struggling to find good content. Consider what you know a lot about and write about that. Speed can be important; most websites pay small amounts for their content articles, but the money can be pretty good if you can write 5 or 10 articles each day.

  • If you can sell your work to larger, mainstream websites, the money can be great, but the work isn’t as easy to get.

3. Mechanical Turk at

You can’t make a lot of money here, but you can start earning within minutes. Most of the tasks only take 30 seconds to finish and only pay a few cents, but if you have a free minute here and there, you can use those minutes to bring in some extra funds. You might be able to pay for a couple tanks of gas each month.

4. Be a virtual assistant

This is something you can do part time or full-time. Typical tasks might include making phone calls, doing web research, website maintenance, general e-mail maintenance, audio / video editing, and anything else your ‘boss’ can think of.

  • Websites like com and similar sites provide a marketplace where you can both list your services and look over the thousands of freelance projects offered by website owners.
  • You could also contact potential clients directly and let them know what you can do for them.

5. Sell stuff on eBay

Sell On eBay

eBay is a great place to sell things. Typically, you’ll get more money for your item there than you will anywhere else. You can clean out your attic and garage, but that won’t last forever. Look for deals at garage sales, auctions, craigslist, and more to buy cheaply and sell for a profit.

  • You’ll never make more money per unit of time than you will by negotiating, so don’t be afraid to offer less than the asking price. Even paying $3 less is significant when you consider it only took 5 seconds. That’s over $2,100 an hour! Beat That.

6. Sell affiliate products with videos

Most affiliate marketers try to make money with websites and articles. Both can take a long time to get indexed by the search engines and start drawing targeted visitors. But videos on YouTube can get indexed quickly.

  • Find an affiliate product at a site like or and then make a short video promoting that product and include your affiliate link. Anytime someone buys something, you get paid a commission.
  • This is another task where you can do the work once and get paid for an extended period of time.
  • Plus, your work adds up. If you make 5 short videos each week, for example, in a month you could have videos up promoting 20 products and in a year you would have over 250. Let YouTube and other video sharing sites work for you 24/7.

7. Become a WordPress expert

WordPress is by far the most popular blogging and content management software and is quite easy to use. With a little research and work, you could quickly become an expert compared to the average user.

  • Sell your services; these could include simple things like WordPress and theme installations and transferring installations to a new website. Offer to troubleshoot problems for an hourly rate.
  • Go offline to find clients. Many of your local businesses don’t know the first thing about creating and managing on online presence. See if any of your local businesses need a website or online marketing assistance. A simple WordPress website can easily be sold for $500. Find 2 businesses a week and you’re making a decent living.
  • Offer to do their website maintenance and marketing. Consider that those big yellow page ads can cost several thousands of dollars each month, and that’s the type of marketing costs these business owners are used to. It’s possible to find clients that pay you $1,000 a month to handle their online marketing and website maintenance tasks.
  • By selling a couple of websites each week and gaining a few $1,000/ month clients, you’re looking at some real money.

8. Submit websites to social media

Many website owners are willing to pay others to submit their websites and blog posts to the various social sites. See for some ideas and a simple way to submit the content to numerous sites.

9. Check out

Make Money With Fiverr

This website allows you to post services (‘gigs’) for which you can charge $5. If you can find something that people want and doesn’t take long to complete, there is the opportunity to make some extra money quickly.

  • Many of the people posting gigs are really looking to find clients that will hire them directly for more substantial work later. Maybe $5 doesn’t make sense for the simple service you’re providing, but that client might hire you for several hundred dollars at a later date.

10. Create Facebook profiles for businesses

Businesses are beginning to see the potential marketing benefits that having a Facebook page can provide, yet many business owners don’t have the time or desire to do this work themselves.

  • There was recently a report about a person that would call businesses after hours and leave a message that basically said, “Hey, I made a Facebook page for you, if you’d like to see it call me back at 555-1234.” That phone number went to a free Google voice account that would take a message.
  • However, he never made a profile until the business called and left a message. Then he would quickly make a simple profile, call them back, and offer to sell the profile to them.

If you’re looking to find some extra funds quickly, try a few of these options. Some of them don’t pay a lot, but sometimes flexibility is the most important thing. Spending a little time working while you’re watching TV each evening can make a positive difference in your income.

There are also options to start making a lot of money quickly, like providing web services to local companies. This is the kind of thing that could easily and quickly be turned into a fulltime income.

Making an income online requires work, but if you put your work in the right place you can earn money very quickly and possibly very significantly. Get set up with PayPal so you can accept payments online to make it as easy as possible for people to pay you.

Remember that it’s much more financially secure to have multiple streams of income, especially in a bad economy. If you ever lose your primary source of income, it’s nice to have other sources that you can depend upon.

Become an online entrepreneur today and increase your bottom line.

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