YouTube is a popular answer to the question ‘How to earn money online?’ Earning money from YouTube is the new normal. But many people are still skeptical about running a professional YouTube channel. ‘How much do YouTubers earn?’, ‘how much is YouTube income per 1,000 views?’ are some of the common questions that haunt the beginners.

So have you ever thought of starting a YouTube channel but didn’t know how to go about it? If yes, then here you’ll find the tips and tricks for getting your YouTube channel ready to earn at the earliest. Additionally, some people already own a YouTube channel but are unaware of how to earn money from YouTube. For all of them, here’s a full-proof guide on how to create and monetize your YouTube channel.


YouTube is one of the best ways to earn money online. But for that, firstly, you need to know how to make a YouTube channel of your own. We’ll take you through some of the simple steps to set up a YouTube channel:

Step 1: Create a Google Account

As you know, Google is the parent company of YouTube. So even before making a YouTube channel, you need to create a Google account. If you already have a Gmail account or you use Google maps or Google play store or any app of Google then you’re sorted. However, you can create a separate Google account for your YouTube channel if you desire to. Sign up for a new Google account. Feed your name, a new email address and password and hit the create account button.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Account

Your personal Google account is ready as soon as you create a Google account.  So, if you’re a YouTube user then you already own a personal YouTube account. Even so, if you need to run a professional account on YouTube, you’ll have to create a Brand Account. People mostly create Brand accounts for promoting their business or brand. It allows you to have managers for your account at different levels without disclosing your personal login details.

For setting up a Brand Account or channel, visit YouTube and open your personal account. Alternatively, you can directly Google search Once your personal account opens up, you’ll view a tab stating ‘create a new channel’. Click on it and a new window for creating a Brand Account opens up. Give a distinct yet creative name to your YouTube channel and hit on ‘Create’. Your own YouTube Brand Account is all ready to earn money.

Step 3: Customize your YouTube Channel

Now is the time to design your account using some features. YouTube offers a variety of features to customize a YouTube Brand Account. You just have to click on ‘Customize Channel’ and a new window with ‘Layout’, ‘Branding’, and ‘Basic Info’ tabs pop up. Select the desired layout of your account which will be visible to your audience using the Layout tab. Further, under the Branding tab, you can add certain attractive elements to make your channel unique. Upload your profile picture, channel banner image, and a video watermark in line with your brand. Lastly, under the Basic Info tab provide details of your YouTube channel like channel name, description, language, and contact details. Make sure you use keywords to describe your channel to increase traffic on your YouTube videos.  

Step 4: Upload your first video

Here is the moment you upload your first YouTube video. Isn’t it a cake walk? From here begins your brand new YouTube journey. Hit the ‘Create’ tab on the top-right corner of your YouTube channel and upload your first video. You’re now an official YouTube content creator.


To enable monetization of YouTube channel is a crucial process to start earning from YouTube. Moreover, signing up with AdSense happens simultaneously. It is significant to connect your YouTube channel to your AdSense account to earn money and get paid for your monetized videos. Carefully go through these simple steps and follow them to earn money from YouTube.  

Step1: Fulfill YouTube monetization criteria

Unfortunately, merely creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos will not earn money for you. Two criteria to be satisfied to earn money from YouTube channel. Firstly, your account must have at least 1,000 subscribers, and secondly, the total watch time of the videos on your YouTube channel must be at least 4000 hours in the preceding year or 12 months. Check the ‘Analytics’ on your YouTube channel for these details.

Step 2: Apply for YouTube monetization

After you’ve reached this milestone, the next step is to visit your YouTube channel and click on the ‘Creator Studio’ button. Thereafter, open the ‘Channel’ tab. To enable monetization, you must have complied with YouTube’s copyright and community guidelines which will be reflected on that page itself. Further, if you’re eligible for monetization you can click on the ‘enable monetization’ tab and apply for monetization. Carefully read and agree on the terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner Programme.

Step 3: Link AdSense account with YouTube account

Thereafter, you have to sign up for AdSense. If you already have an Ad Sense account, you’re good to go but if you don’t, then take the following course of action. Click on start and you’ll be directed to the AdSense window. Here you’re supposed to select a Google account; you can even use a different account. Post that, you have to select your country and a new set of terms and conditions of AdSense will pop up.

Review it smartly and click on the agree button to proceed further. Create your AdSense account by hitting the ‘Create Account’ button. Next, you’ve to provide your full name and complete address as per your bank account records. It is important because you also have to link your bank to your AdSense Account later on. After submitting these details, you’ll be redirected to your YouTube channel to complete the pending monetization process.

Step 4: Set Monetization Preferences

This option allows you to select the type of ads you wish to display in your YouTube videos. For example, sponsored ads, skippable ads, overlay ads, etc. Choose as per your preference keeping in mind your target audience and the type of videos you upload. You can obviously select more than one ad format and earn from them.

Step 5: Wait patiently

After fulfilling the above formalities, your monetization application is sent for review. In this process, your channel will be scrutinized to confirm if there are no community guidelines and copyright violations. This process may take a few days or months. So, you need to patiently wait until you receive an official confirmation mail from YouTube.

Step 6: YouTube monetization gets enabled

After your application is approved, your YouTube channel is monetized and the icon gets enabled. If you see your video list by going to the ‘Video Manger’ tab on your YouTube channel, you’ll observe a dollar symbol beside all your videos. Ads will start appearing on your YouTube videos from now on and you’ll begin to earn money online from these ads.

Step 7: Earn money and withdraw it directly from your bank account

Your AdSense account will reflect the revenue that you’re generating from ads on your videos.  As soon as you earn $10, AdSense will send a verification pin to your registered address. You’ll get an option of entering this pin on your AdSense account.  Soon after that, you can link your bank account with the AdSense account and provide a payment method as well.

Every time you reach the milestone of earning $100, the amount automatically gets transferred to your bank account. This is how you earn money from YouTube using AdSense. It is the simplest way to earn money from YouTube.


One of the strategies to earn money from YouTube is using AdSense. There are numerous other ways to earn money from YouTube. We’ve listed it down for you.

1. Promoting an affiliate product

Promoting affiliate products on YouTube is a common practice amongst YouTubers as it generates decent revenue. If used smartly, it can fetch you a lot of money. Read about the various affiliate programs like Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc which offer a variety of products or services, and join them. You can select the product or service of your choice and promote them on your YouTube channel. Add links to buy that product or service in your description box and you’ll earn a percentage as commission every time you drive a sale.

2. Selling merchandise or products

Selling merchandise or products is also a way to earn money from YouTube. You can develop create your own products and promote them like many YouTubers. Some popular merchandise that you can sell on YouTube are slogan t-shirts, handmade crafts, and goodies, etc. Moreover, selling digital products like online courses, e-books, webinars, etc are also common these days. 

3. Sponsoring social content

Creating sponsored content is also a stream of income from YouTube. Sponsored videos are highly lucrative. Unboxing videos or videos reviewing or promoting a particular product or service is an example of a sponsored video. When we talk about sponsored videos, transparency plays a key role. It is vital to put a disclaimer stating that you’re being paid for promoting the product or service. Make sure you select reputed brands to maintain the credibility of your YouTube channel.  Moreover, promote products or services that align with the needs of your target audience.

4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding through crowdfunding websites like, Kickstarter, etc is a strategy to earn money from YouTube. It is basically seeking donations from your YouTube audience and subscribers. In return, the YouTubers generally create some exclusive content for the funders. Even YouTube started its own membership for its viewers on payment of a nominal monthly fee. Earning through Crowdfunding mainly works for YouTubers having a substantial number of subscribers.

These are some of the major ways to earn money from YouTube without Adsense.


Recently Forbes estimated $5 as the YouTuber’s income per 1,000 views. Similarly, a video with 1 million views can make approximately $5,000. Generally, YouTube income per 1,000 views on ads is around $ 3 to $ 4 in the US. It is known as CPM which is the abbreviation of ‘Cost per Millenia’. CPM changes with countries as well as YouTube niche. The average income of a YouTuber may range from $ 500 to $50,000 per month. But it is an estimated sum and is variable depending upon various factors.

Earning from ads is directly proportionate to views on your YouTube videos. You earn more money every time someone clicks on those ads. This is called Cost Per Click (CPC). Therefore, AdSense is generally not considered a good source of income for beginners. The other sources of revenue for YouTubers as discussed above do comparatively generate more revenue. However, the number of viewers does matter and as well as the quality and niche of the content you upload.


You may be surprised to know that you can make money on YouTube without making videos. Isn’t it unbelievable? Many YouTubers often practice these tricks and earn thousands of dollars every month. A popular way to do it is to download videos from YouTube itself and make them transformative using video editing apps. Add your originality and creativity such as critical comments, audio clips to the videos; change the context, mix and match different videos and keep it short and subtle.

Furthermore, to be on the safer side, you must acknowledge and give credits to the original creator. These hacks will not attract a copyright issue as it falls under ‘fair use’. These videos can be monetized and also generates income from all the streams discussed including AdSense, sponsorship, and affiliate links among others. So, now you know how to make money on YouTube without making videos.

However, some videos like the content of which is available on the internet for free, a recorded concert, TV show, or other content, third-party content cannot be monetized. So, basically if you do not hold the rights to a video, you legally cannot earn from it unless you enter into a licensing agreement with the rights holder or take explicit consent or written permission from the original creator to do the same.

We hope now you’re prepared for earning money online from YouTube. Try these tricks and tips and feel free to share your YouTubing experience with us.

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