Hivework Review – UPDATED 2020 – Getting Started & Payment Proof!

Micro-job marketplaces and get-paid-to sites are hardly new, a few years ago they were dime-a-dozen, capitalizing on the ever-rising tide of remote job-seekers and freelancers, while the pandemic has only provided them with further momentum, bringing such sites further into the mainstream.

Hive Work is one of the most popular sites in this niche with over 700,000 members from over 200 countries, competing to perform various small tasks to earn money.

Hive Work Review

Hivework Review (Hive Micro) – UPDATED 2020

Hive Work, or HiveMicro, is a digital money-making platform that pays users for completing simple tasks. It claims to have over 700,000 members across 200 countries and has been around for a few years. It is an online micro-working service that lets you choose from a large number of short, repetitive tasks and complete them to earn.

The tasks are really simple like identifying shows and movies, identifying image content, drawing boxes around specific elements, and differentiating videos from animations.

Joining Hive Work is completely free of charge and requires no qualification. You can choose to get paid in one of the two ways – Bitcoin and PayPal. Both these payment methods are secure and convenient ways to withdraw your earnings.

To view and apply for jobs you can set a threshold as low as $2 which is good when you are working on low-rate jobs. The website pays out on a weekly basis every Tuesday. Hive Work also has responsive customer support that you can reach in case of any concerns or queries.

Getting Started With Hivework

Hive Work has a clean website that makes it easy to create an account to get started. You just have to fill in some basic details and choose your password to join the platform. It accepts users from all countries across the world.

Once you create an account, you get instant access to all the available tasks to make money. However, most of these tasks have ‘Qualification Tests’ that you should pass before starting the job.

Here are some options for making money on Hive Work once you’ve created your account.

Hive Micro Jobs

This is the main function of this website. As a member, you get access to numerous tasks you can take up. These are pretty simple like transcription, categorization, and labeling. Each category of tasks has a different payment based on the time and level of complexity.

Weekly Bonus

If you work actively on the website, you are eligible for a weekly bonus. The website says you can earn up to $1.5 as a weekly bonus.

Hive Work App

The service offers a smartphone app that makes it easy to use the platform from any device. The app can be downloaded from the App Store as well as Google Play. Almost all the jobs are available on the app and it is pretty easy to use.

Referral Scheme

Hive Work also lets you earn from its referral program. You can earn a little extra by inviting other people to join.

Is Hivework A Scam?

This niche is known for its exaggerated claims, broken promises, and outright scams, so it’s a good look for in-depth verified reviews from authoritative sources before you spend any precious time or effort performing the tasks.

Unlike the many fly-by-night operations that have graced this niche, we can assure you that HiveWork is certainly not a scam. There are 1,000s of verified reviews and payment proofs from users, who make it quite evident that it is possible to make money from this site.

The concerns, however, are with regards to the outsized claims made by the site, with the only complaints being limited to very low earnings, often not worth the time and effort required to complete each of the tasks.

So, Hiveworks is definitely no scam, but it may not be suitable for 1st World Nations, where the minimum wages could be far higher than what you’d expect to make in an entire day working on this site.

Hivework Payment Proof

Hive Work pays users for completing simple, repetitive tasks across numerous categories. Though the pay scale is not very high at this time, people use the service to earn some extra income. Timestamp jobs are the highest paying tasks on this website while others are easy and low paying. Those who can spend a few hours of the day to complete a good number of tasks can make considerable earning.

The most important thing is that there are proofs of payment from the website which suggests that it is genuine and not a scam. People have posted payment proofs on the internet. Real-life reviews say that they are being paid by Hive Work for completing tasks. You can always check online reviews from real people and pictures of payment proof to assure of their genuineness before starting.

Hivework Referral Code – What You Should Know?

Apart from daily tasks across categories, Hive Work lets you earn from their referral program. You can start referring people to the website after you have earned $2. This program gives you a bonus of $1 when your invitee joins and earns $5 from the website.

You can earn a maximum of $5 from one referral and earn during the first 180 days of the referral’s joining. So once your invitee has earned $25 or completed 180 days, you can no longer earn from them.

The referral program also works for new members. If you join using a referral code from an existing Hive Work member, you can earn a bonus of $0.5 when you earn $5 and you can earn a maximum of $2.5 from this program. Though this program is not so lucrative, you can always use the referral code to stand a chance to earn a little extra.


If you’re currently out of a job and the pandemic has wrecked your plans and finances for good, there is no point in sitting all day, sulking about your misfortunes. You can make the most of your time by completing small, piece-rate jobs, and no matter how insignificant the earnings might be, it surely beats having no income at all.

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