Work from home is becoming the new norm. With distance becoming immaterial, concepts like ‘Virtual Assistant Jobs’ are being popularized. People from one corner of the world are being hired virtually by people from the other corner of the world and vice versa. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a career option for many people these days.

Demand for Virtual Assistants in the market is also high because many companies do not hire full-time employees due to financial crunch. To reduce workload, they outsource some of their works to Virtual Assistants. But many of you must be wondering how to earn money online by becoming a Virtual Assistant? So, here’s our complete guide on how to become a Virtual Assistant to earn money online.


A Virtual Assistant is basically a self-employed person or a freelancer who offers virtual services to business organizations or individuals by working remotely. They mostly provide varied services including technical, executive, and administrative services to their clients. A Virtual Assistant does not have to commute and work from their client’s office. They primarily can work from anywhere, hence it is considered a work-from-home job.

For people who are pondering over how to earn money online for free, being a Virtual Assistant is the solution. Virtual Assistant jobs do not require any investment or degree. It is purely a skill-based job so you need to develop and hone certain skills for it.


The scope of Virtual Assistant jobs is pretty wide. All those works of a business entity or a company that can be done online fall under Virtual Assistant jobs. Here are the various Virtual Assistant jobs for beginners.

1. Administrative job

This is the most common type of Virtual Assistant job for beginners. It involves calendar and schedule management which means keeping a note of the important dates, schedule appointments for clients, communicate to the client about scheduled meetings, etc. Moreover, it also includes monitoring, directing, or answering e-mails and calls. A Virtual Assistant has to keep a track of their client’s e-mail or calls, intimate the client of their important e-mails or calls, and answer or direct them if required, etc. Further, transcribing documents, data entry, arranging documents and files systematically, maintaining work records are also important works of a Virtual Assistant.

2. Technical jobs –

Hiring Virtual Assistants to perform technical jobs is the latest trend. The job profile includes software development, graphic designing, removing bugs, website support and maintenance, and other related technical works.

3. Marketing or social media management jobs –

These Virtual Assistant jobs are also highly in demand. Launching marketing campaigns for businesses and handling and updating websites and social media profiles of clients constitutes a major task of Virtual Assistants. It further includes preparing marketing strategies, posting updates, putting up ads, promoting products or services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, conducting market analysis, and many more tasks.   

4. Content writing jobs –

Content writing jobs are pretty common. Website and blog owners often look for content writers to create quality content, conduct SEO keyword research, proofread and edit content. Virtual Assistants having creative writing skills are often hired as content writers. Several companies hire ghostwriters for authoring books.  

5. Researching jobs –

Many companies hire Virtual Assistants to carry out extensive research work. The companies that are overburdened with their primary work cannot invest time in carrying out research. So, they outsource their work to Virtual Assistants who’ve good researching skills. 

6. Accounting and financial jobs –

Many virtual Assistants are hired to perform the works of an accountant and finance manager. It basically involves maintaining books of accounts of the client company, preparing e-receipts, managing finance of the company, preparing balance sheets, conducting regular audits, paying taxes, advising the client on financial matters, etc.

7. Travel co-ordination jobs

Companies who often send their employees abroad for work hire Virtual Assistants for travel arrangements and coordination. Preparing travel itineraries, booking flight tickets and hotel rooms, keeping their clients informed of their travel schedule, etc are some of the tasks of Virtual Assistants.

So, these are the major Virtual Assistant Jobs for beginners to earn money online free, fast, and easy.


The benefits of becoming a virtual assistant are plenty. One benefit that attracts most people to the profession is the chance to earn money online without having to set a foot outside. The work timings are flexible and the work hours depend on your client’s needs. Additionally, with a laptop or a phone and an internet connection you can literally work from anywhere in the world.

Further, people still thinking about how to earn money online for free must look for Virtual Assistant Jobs. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is one of the easiest side hustles, isn’t it? There are varied Virtual Assistant Jobs to apply for without any investment. With so many options one can easily apply to be a Virtual Assistant for jobs suitable for their skill set and area of interest. When it comes to earning money, most skilled and experienced Virtual Assistants charge a lot of money for every hour of work. So, another advantage is that as a Virtual Assistant, you have the liberty to set your own price. Overall, a Virtual Assistant job is a flexible way to make extra money without leaving the comfort of your home.


Once you’ve decided to become a Virtual Assistant to earn money online, how will you get going? Here are some of the tips on how to make money as a Virtual Assistant.

1. Decide the services you’ll offer as a Virtual Assistant

The first thing after you’ve decided to become a Virtual Assistant is to determine the services that you’ll be offering. It is your areas of interest and skill sets that guide you in deciding your niche. Assess your current skills and interests and select the services diligently.

So for example, if you’re tech-savvy and have technical knowledge of the latest software, you can apply to be a freelance web developer. Similarly, if you’ve exceptional creative writing skills then you can choose to become a content or blog writer. Once the services you’ll be offering are decided, you can look for Virtual Assistant jobs accordingly.

2. Develop and hone skills

Now that you’ve decided the types of services you’ll be offering, you have to focus on boosting your skills. Take up online courses, read the relevant books, research, or undergo training programs to develop the required skills. If you want to become a successful Virtual Assistant then besides your professional skills you also have to learn certain soft or interpersonal skills such as communication and organizational skills. These skills will help you charge the rate that you actually want to.

Moreover, if you want to stand out from the crowd and earn money online as a Virtual Assistant then develop and hone your skills. Be updated with the latest technology, learn how to enhance your existing knowledge, and gain expertise in your area of work. Upgrading your skills is equally crucial to prevent yourself from becoming outdated. The mantra here is that the higher the level of skills you’ll possess as a Virtual Assistant, the more you can boost your bank balance.

3. Set your price

When you’re all set to become a Virtual Assistant, it is time you fix your rates. It is important that you fix a competitive and standard rate and at the same time ensure that you’ve earned profits. So pricing strategy of Virtual Assistants is that they set different price packages for different categories of work.

Many Virtual Assistants ascertain a set of hourly rates for certain clients who assign deadline-based work. Then they fix a rate for project-based work. So they charge the clients a specific amount per project. Lastly, they have a monthly or weekly rate for permanent clients who mostly keep allotting work to the clients regularly. These pricing strategies will provide a professional look and give clarity of rates to your potential clients.   

4. Create a website

As a Virtual Assistant, you can also choose to create a website of your own. Give it a professional yet unique domain name. It is where you can add basic details of yourself, your educational qualification, services you offer, and contact details. Creating a website will prove to be a foundational step towards branding yourself. Several clients can reach out to you through this website.

5. Build networks and market strategies

As a beginner Virtual Assistant, you need to build long-standing relationships with your potential clients. So start building networks and market your skills on various social media and professional platforms. Prepare market strategies to promote your work. Inform your friends, colleagues, and family about your new profession and ask them to spread the word. Networking will either attract clients or people who’ll refer clients to you. Moreover, reaching out to a wide client base is crucial. So, advertise yourself and create a brand of your own to earn money online free, fast, and easy.

6. Apply to be a Virtual Assistant

Lastly, prepare your resume, testimonials, or a portfolio for your clients to have a look at and assess your skills. Thereafter, apply to be a Virtual Assistant on different Virtual Assistant jobs websites like Virtual Staff Finder, People Per Hour, etc. You’ve to create an account on these websites, list your different skill sets, upload your resume, and look for Virtual Assistant Job offers.

Thereafter, start applying to various job offers by placing bids and wait patiently for a reply. It might be a little difficult to fetch paying clients as a beginner because initially, your number of work hours is absolutely low. And after all, it’s a numbers game. Remember that more work hours and higher ratings on such websites would mean more clients will reach out to you. Lastly, once you get the job, negotiate your rates smartly, work hard and deliver quality work on time.


If you want to earn money online then visit Virtual Assistant job websites, and apply to be a Virtual Assistant. There exit several Virtual Assistant jobs websites where you can apply to be a Virtual Assistant. The popular and credible Virtual Assistant jobs websites are:

Virtual Staff Finder



People Per Hour


Fancy Hands

24/7 Virtual Assistant



Time Etc


A Virtual Assistant is a lucrative work-from-home career. On one hand, certain Virtual Assistant jobs may earn you as low as $5 for an hour; on the other hand, others may earn you up to $50 per hour or even more. The average monthly income of Virtual Assistants is somewhere between $500 and $1000 per month and even more in cases of work requiring expertise. But how much should you ideally charge as a Virtual Assistant? Your rates mostly depend on various factors. It includes your areas of expertise, years of experience, the Virtual Assistant Job you’ve been hired for, the work you’ve been assigned, the value of your work to the client, your working hours, market standards, etc.

Additionally, it is important to work hard and focus on gaining knowledge, experience, and expertise. To experience and expertise, you first have to start at a low rate, learn how to do the work, and hone your skills. If as a beginner, you charge a rate higher than the standard rates, you’ll be left without work. At the same time be confident of your talent and do not sell yourself short as a Virtual Assistant.

You can preferably start from somewhere around $10 to $20 per hour and scale up gradually. Study the market well to figure out what others are charging for your skills before you apply to be a Virtual Assistant. Further, it is vital to boost your skills as well as learn everything about online entrepreneurship before being a Virtual Assistant.


Now you know being a Virtual Assistant is one of the easiest side hustles and a perfect balance of realistic plus lucrative career. So are you ready to become a Virtual Assistant to earn money online?

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